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In Leadership Talent Is Not Enough

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

I was recently taken with the similarity between the music business and being a successful leader.  As a former rock guitarist who just can’t leave it behind,  I subscribe to “The Lefsetz Letter” an commentary on the current music business.  A quote from the July 15, 2014 edition rings true in developing leaders” “Skills cannot be emphasized enough. Knowing how to play your instrument, sing or deejay, gives you a floor upon which you can build. But once again, talented people are a dime a dozen. …. Furthermore, creativity is king at this level. What can you do that both sounds professional and sounds different? …. Managers and labels are not looking for me-too. They can get that from “Idol” and the “Voice.” They’re looking for unique.”

That’s the key for you to become a better leader and to develop better leaders under you.  Don’t squelch creativity and uniqueness.  In fact there are a number of exercises that help expand your creativity and those of your team.  Try a few, and watch your team blossom!