Keynote & Workshop Presentation Descriptions

The Magic of Accountability

Three Proven Steps to Creating Collaborative and Innovative Leadership Teams
Want results that affect your bottom line now? In 30 days or less these three proven steps can have your leadership teams implementing a more collaborative approach as well as executing an innovative attitude in all areas of their work.

Audience members will understand:
• The importance of cultivating innovation and creativity in a corporate culture
• The necessity of developing the ability to take risks
• The magic of accountability in achieving collaboration and innovation
• Why this process works even with “boomers”, X and Y generations

This is a program that can show immediate returns, not only in productivity and profitability, but make for a better working environment as teams learn to collaborate. The integration of audience interaction, humor, and magic reinforce the core message and leave participants talking about this program for weeks.

Risk Is Not a Four Letter Word

Developing a Risk-Taking Culture for Extraordinary Results

Ever wonder why some organizations seem to thrive in challenging times? Rodney’s research and experience proves that those groups who are willing to take a risk, accept failures and continue on, prosper and succeed.

Audience members will learn to:
• Recognize the power of risk-taking
• Utilize the impact of individual perception
• Capture the potential of group insight
• Develop a commitment to accountability

This interactive presentation will show how to implement proven strategies that translate into a long term organizational culture shift, resulting in leadership teams that collaborate with enhanced understanding. Risk taking is reinforced with magical illusions and humor that bring home the key messages.

Awakening the Innovative Leader

Developing Transformational Creativity in Leadership Teams

Respected studies have shown that the creativity of a four year old is squelched in half by age nine; one can only guess what happens by high school graduation, let alone college. Rodney’s research and experience has shown that leadership teams that are on the cutting edge are those that have awakened that sleeping giant of innovation.

Audience members will take away a proven process to:
• Initiate the processes of “great thinkers”
• Foster an innovative and creative environment
• Capture the abilities of group insight
• Learn why failure is important
• Change organizational DNA

This entertaining and interactive program will not only provide a proven five step process to create a personal and team approach to innovation, but present a special insight into generational difference in team development.

Rave reviews:

“Many people said that overall this convention’s speakers were one of the best. Your presentation was a big part in creating that impression.” Steve Rudloff, MO Limestone Producers Association, Jefferson City, MO

“Informative in an enjoyable format” Pamela Ward, Information Analysis Inc., Boston MA

“Thanks for a great job. We’ve heard lots of great comments on your presentation from our attendees.” Ron Borders, Exec. Dr., MO Assn of Mutual Insurance Companies, Sikeston, MO

“Very inspirational and thought provoking!” Reza Montamedamin, GSA, Washington, DC

“You were able to hold everyone’s interest and you made the time go by very quickly…as well the way you involved everyone in the process made it a fun day and a half!” Sue Campbell, Admin., MO Rural Water Assn., Ashland MO

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